Francie Phipps Wakes Up


Imagine waking up every day on a random morning, sometime during your own very long lifetime. That’s the life of Francie Phipps. Follow her singularly strange life story in this serial fantasy fiction tale.

If you’re new to this serial, you might want to start by reading chapter one:


Chapter Two

October 6, 2018

Denise should win this thing, if Francie doesn’t do something to blow it.

Francie is now 74 and ‘spry’ by the standards of annoying younger people. She has long, wiry, gray hair and a tendency to move her hips in ways that a wise woman wouldn’t move aging joints.


Chapter One

June 25, 1973

Before she opens her eyes, Francie takes stock. Her mind isn’t blitzed by a hangover, so this can’t be the day after yesterday. She smells fresh-baked pecan rolls, which means she’s at her Mom’s house. She has to pee desperately, and her belly is heavy and huge. It feels like something is moving inside her. She realizes that she’s very pregnant, more pregnant than she’s ever been. This must be 1973 then. Her son will be born on July 14, 1973.