About Blue Fern Press and Me

Janet Ference, author   

I write short fiction, novels, and plays. I love the worlds I can create with words. It’s always a surprise to discover the lives of the people in these worlds, and I’m grateful to lose myself in the mystery of their stories.

I’m currently writing a series of novellas, Riversbend Jazz for guns, sax, and bass fiddle. Set in America in 2020, this story follows a politically-diverse extended family, as they live and love and fight their way through that history-making year.

In this new work, I’m revisiting the family I first created for an earlier novel, Riversbend Elegy for guns, sax, and harp. That story, set in 2004, brought the family together for the funeral of a young soldier who died in the war in Iraq.

I’ve self-published a collection of my microfiction, Between Blinks, artfully short stories. To learn more about this book of hundreds of tweet-length tales, please check out my home page, ‘Between Blinks.’

To read more about my Riversbend chronicles and to enjoy bits and pieces of my other work, please visit: www.janetference.com


Blue Fern Press

Blue Fern Press is the indie publishing venture I created to release my book, Between Blinks, artfully short stories. This collection of my popular ‘twitter tales’ is available from Amazon in both ebook and paperback formats. To treat yourself to a copy of it, see my home page.