Imagine waking up every day on a random, non-sequential morning, sometime during your own very long lifetime. That’s the life of Francie Phipps.

On any given day, there are things in her past she doesn’t know yet, and things in her future she knows already. Those around her think they see her move through life as they do, from one day to the next, but Francie is truly unmoored from time.

I hope you’ll enjoy following her singularly strange life story in this serial fantasy fiction tale.

If you’re new to this serial, you might want to start by reading chapter one: https://bluefernpress.com/francie-phipps-chapter-one/


  1. Jon Spangler

    I love the jumbled time-traveling in this story. (Luckily, you make it relatively easy to follow the time warps.)

    1. Janet Ference (Post author)

      Thanks, Jon! Glad you’re enjoying it.

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