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It’s all about the clawfoot tub. Ted loved her place. So he married her. They had kids. She died at 90. He won’t let them sell at any price.

Passing the Peace

John and Luke went to church when visiting Alabama, because they’re church-goers. They entered holding hands and shared a Bible. That’s all.


Alicia prayed aloud while doing chores. Bill, who didn’t believe, found this annoying. One day, Alicia stopped. After a week, Bill started.

Justice of the Peace

They were married by an insurance salesman. She wore red hot pants. There are no pictures, except those their eyes have shared for 42 years.


Chestnut petals drifted like snow. Parisian parakeets sat outside in brass cages. Because the two were together, they know that this was so.


She’s praying. It looks like any other silence, but he knows. She’s doing dishes. God is in her eyes. She turns, smiling. He’s saved again.


Vic wore black shoes. Kay wore white gloves. He was told to extend his hand. She was told to take it. That was 1964. They’re still waltzing.


Edie’s bud vase is never empty. Ed sees to that. He gave it to her in 1952. On their 60th anniversary, she gives him 5 dozen Emperor tulips.