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Shaggy Dog Story

Fritz had a shaggy dog. One day the dog ate his homework. When he told his teacher, she laughed at him. That’s the day Fritz learned to lie.

Shaded Eyes

The child’s hat has never been crushed. Its taffeta bow shines crisply white. She reaches up an unmet hand as she leaves her only ever home.

Smith Corona

The pixie cut girl flashed a smile and a sign, ‘Typewriter Troubadour.’ The French twist woman gave $5 for one manually typed word, ‘Hello.’


The backyards all ran together. The boxy little record player spun 45’s. We danced galloping polkas, and our Moms weren’t afraid of the sun.

Traveling Downtown

He told her, “Kangaroos can’t jump backward. You’ll never forget me or that fact.” She’ll remember his acne and earnestness on that hot bus.

Plain as Day

Roxy is not an Arabian, Clydesdale, Lipizzaner, or Mustang. She’s a rent-a-ride horse. Ben, 11, is blind. They fall in love at first sniff.

Electric Arc

Small Clara loves tall swings. She pulls herself up by the chains, stands on the seat, and pumps defiantly. When she flies, she can forget.

High Mathematics

Algebra: The cake is 8 layers high. The girl is 6 years old. The counter is 3 feet tall. In minutes, how long until the cake hits the floor?

Waking Up

It was an ordinary dawn. Sunlight glancing off Tom’s butter knife flashed prisms on his toaster. He didn’t see until his son called it cool.


A quiver of green brightens the blue of wee Cleo’s eyes. She presses her nose against phantom glass. Today she will breach her fragile wall.