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The Real World

Sharon’s dreams make more sense than the truth. She dreams night and day. Like Snow White, she hopes to sleep until the world is made right.


His thumb-twiddling makes the dog nervous. His dog’s panting makes the man jumpy. He twiddles all the more. Finally the forgiving sun rises.


Bette woke just as sunset blackened the desert sky. Then she dipped her hands in bright acrylics to fingerpaint red-gold truth by moonlight.

The Wee Hours

Jackie worked the night shift in a diner. Partiers came and went by 3am. Truckers showed up at 5am. 4am meant dishes and blue waking dreams.


Lara often dreams she’s swimming through air like a dolphin gliding in water. She’s playful, sleek and well-loved. Waking nearly drowns her.

Waking Up

It was an ordinary dawn. Sunlight glancing off Tom’s butter knife flashed prisms on his toaster. He didn’t see until his son called it cool.