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Blessed Be

Ben blesses water he drinks. A Standing Rock elder taught him to thank Mother Earth and the Tualatin River. Ben is modern. He adds the EPA.

First Interview

Josh dons his grandpa’s 60s-era three-piece suit. Its broad shoulders hug him as he leaves the homeless shelter. He prays he’ll get the job.

Second Sight

Ann drew her God with crayons as a girl. Now an old woman, when she stills her mind to pray, she sees that same orange and red ball of fire.


Alicia prayed aloud while doing chores. Bill, who didn’t believe, found this annoying. One day, Alicia stopped. After a week, Bill started.


At 15, Kate’s prayers were interrogations. By 25, there were none. 35 brought confessions. 45, reflection. Now 55, Kate dances jazzy thanks.

A Little Jazz

Jonquil song slowed Ann’s step. The tiny trumpets heralded God’s grace in a mighty jazz unlikely for their size. Ann forgot she was afraid.

Just So

They’re just geraniums. Martha fusses over them like orchids. They were given to her with a prayer: May God help you to know you are lovely.


She’s praying. It looks like any other silence, but he knows. She’s doing dishes. God is in her eyes. She turns, smiling. He’s saved again.