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The Real World

Sharon’s dreams make more sense than the truth. She dreams night and day. Like Snow White, she hopes to sleep until the world is made right.

Like Home

Her red eyes click-click-click, tapping an unfinished sentence, ‘there’s no place,’ ‘there’s no place,’ until one day she’s here, just here.

Calling to Her

She lives near the shore, but Pearl hasn’t seen it in years. She’s forgotten the way to the sea, but she remembers the language of seagulls.

The Wee Hours

Jackie worked the night shift in a diner. Partiers came and went by 3am. Truckers showed up at 5am. 4am meant dishes and blue waking dreams.


Lara often dreams she’s swimming through air like a dolphin gliding in water. She’s playful, sleek and well-loved. Waking nearly drowns her.


Each and every person on earth stopped talking for a day. God blew a gentle wind through their hearts, and the world was forever changed.


Linda Rose became a rose. It happened in her sleep. She dreamed the scent of an American Beauty, but she woke to the tears of a Cherokee.