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At First Sight

They met Christmas Day at PDX. Ed played ragtime on the Steinway. Al sidled up to do a soft shoe. They untied their bowties over craft beer.

Dancing to a Different Tune

He heard 12 children play xylophones to an orchestrated marimba beat. She heard 4 kids in a break between sets, jamming amazing bright jazz.

Fancy Footwork

The only Spanish he knows, he learned on I Love Lucy. The only English she knows, she learned from her kids. Silently, they learn the tango.


At 15, Kate’s prayers were interrogations. By 25, there were none. 35 brought confessions. 45, reflection. Now 55, Kate dances jazzy thanks.


The backyards all ran together. The boxy little record player spun 45’s. We danced galloping polkas, and our Moms weren’t afraid of the sun.


Vic wore black shoes. Kay wore white gloves. He was told to extend his hand. She was told to take it. That was 1964. They’re still waltzing.