About Blue Fern Press and Me

Janet Ference, author   

I write short fiction, novels, and plays. I  love the worlds I can create with words. It’s always a surprise to discover the lives of the people in these worlds, and I’m grateful to lose myself in their stories.

I’m currently working on a new version of my novel Riversbend Elegy, for guns, sax, and harp. I hope to have it completed this year. To learn more about this book, see my “Novels in Progress” page.

Recently, I delved into the very short form fiction I call ‘twitter tales.’ Known by many names, very short stories, microfiction, or nanofiction, among others, this form derives from the constraints of the 140-character limit for a single tweet. I sometimes still return to this form for fun, and I post them to the “Twitter Tales” page of this site.


Blue Fern Press is the indie publishing venture I created to release my book, Between Blinks, artfully short stories. This collection of my popular ‘twitter tales’ is available in both ebook and paperback formats. For more about this, check out my “Between Blinks” page.

In writing these wee stories, I find that a character or theme or setting, maybe a bit of action or dialogue, will be gifted to me during the day, much like the inspiration for any other work of fiction. As I draft these stories, though I do think of the brevity required, I usually find I’ve penned a longer piece. Then I must pare the words away, seeking the heart of the tale, while working to craft unexpected actions, rich themes, and intriguing characters. If I can squeeze in some humor, heart, or beauty in the process, I know I’ve written a ‘real’ story. And I love the immediacy of sharing these tales with readers around the world through social media.